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You need to choose one (1) of the clinical scenarios that have been provided to you in Module 1 of this subject (Jessica, Tyler  or Jiemba) and answers the questions below. Throughout this case analysis, your responses need to be supported by current (less than 7 years), peer-reviewed, scholarly sources. The emphasis of this subject is the connection between theory and practice so you need to ensure that theory and evidence underpin all areas of your response. Question 1. Identify the systematic health assessment framework you would use to assess this patient. Apply this framework to your chosen case to identify the information that is present in the case and the assessments that you would need to perform to complete your assessment. Question 2. Identify the evidence for the safe administration of all of the medications, intravenous fluids and blood products (as applicable) that have been ordered for this patient to support appropriate nursing care of the patient. Question 3. Identify the legal, ethical and professional issues with this case and discuss the nurse’s role in addressing these issues

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