we will do the assignment with you this assignment include 6 badges of information r 4469348

We will do the assignment with you this assignment include 6 badges of information + reference and citation . So I have some point about thaw instruction of assignment as tutor advise me : 1. Firstly the writer should has experience in computer network and source of information should be from articles and peapers . 2. font Size 10 3. We need 12 or 13 reference 4. In abstract : explanation The objective of report that means what we will do in thisassignment introduction : give general info about conveargeas router and implimintation on RIP router protocol and how rip protocol work 3. Theory info about conveargeas router how is it occur in the RIP router protocol how we can calculate convergence by theoretical roal 4 method ( the write he should to use gns3 software to use it in real experiment in tow topology and compear the result with your theoretical expirment . Also use Wireshark software to take capture on traffic data. How the convergence occurr In expirment he has to use two scenario first we do expirment as normal topology and second do failure link between router and calculat the convergence time in each scenario and compried with theoretical expirment in the last observe the behaviour of router with split horizon switch off and on On word document there are all information about assignment 5 result 6 conclusion

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