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   Use 5 model tools to analysis yourself as a future employee, or new individual in the labor market. (Find a direction such as enter a manufacturing field and be a project manager, being a sales manager for a industry company etc. ) The paper is like using 5 models  from the list you pick and analysis myself and also the position I want to pursue and why I am alliance with the position. (Why I qualify for that position)  First you can find direction I want to pursue (such as being a project manager in a manufacturing field). Analysis the market  use 5 porter forces. And later on introduce myself and do a SWOT analysis of my self and maybe do a competitive advantage model analysis of myself telling why I am more competitive than others. Why I qualify for this position.  if there is a gap between ability and qualification, then maybe you can include a diversification tool to analysis where i can improve to qualify for the position.   The model list is attached.  5-6 page double space. 

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