understand the theories that underpin health and social care practice 750 words scen 4470315

 Understand the theories that UNDERPIN health and social care practice (750 words). Scenario – As a recent graduate trainee employee, u have been requested by your line manager to carry out a research to produce a paper to be used as part of mandatory induction training for new employees with a special focus on understanding the theories that form the basis of health and social care practice. In the first part of the research paper you are requested to explain the theories that UNDERPIN health and social care – explain the characteristics and circumstances of individuals: theories of human growth and development, managing stress and behaviour. In the first part of your research paper you might want to EXPLAIN theories that underpin health and social care. You may want to focus on human growth and development theorist (i.e Erikson, Freud, etc., managing loss and change, managing stress and behaviour and use examples from own workplace. In the context of health and social care to buttress your explanation. Assess an online self-assessment on stress level [3.1]. In the second part of your research paper, ANALYSE with examples, the impact of social processes, e.g. poverty, unemployment, social exclusion, marginalization etc., in health and social care in a diverse society. How does this social processes combine to shape the life of an individual [p3.2, M3]. Finally, in your research paper, EVALUATE the effectiveness of inter professional working. You are expected to give examples from experiences from own workplace to show the effectiveness of inter-professional working. [p3, 3].

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