topic the effect of excessive alcohol consumption on university students performance 248440

Research Paper – Research Methods. I’m already choose my Topic ” The Effect of Excessive Alcohol Consumption on University Students’ Performance”.

I have uploaded the Assignment Brief and hand Written Assignment Guidance Note gave by Tutor for you to following ” answer the questions 1 to 7.

Be sure plagiarism free.

Note; Make sure the assignment topic is relate to ” Student with University”, in UK – England.

Research is about student with University in UK,

Howard Reference not less than 13, books , newspaper , internet about UK.


Document Preview:

Business School Assignment Details Course Module Title Research Methods Weighting 80?Would we usually say where the other 20% was? % Word Guideline 1800 words Learning Outcomes to be Assessed: Knowledge of the main methods of enquiry in business and management and an ability to critically evaluate these Responsibility for learning and demonstrate independent learning skills Assessment Brief: Task You are to undertake a research project on a subject of interest to you. Examples include – Student views on blended learning Students views on the importance of academic standards in degree programmes The issues international students face in adapting to UK higher education Any appropriate student related topic agreed with your module tutor . USING YOUR CHOICE OF TOPIC COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING SEVEN TASKS: Give your proposal a title and develop one research question and/or research objective. (50 words) Task 1 asks you to distinguish between the broad aim of your research and specific research questions/objectives. One objective/question is sufficient to show that you understand this distinction and to inform the rest of the assignment? Undertake a short literature review. Summarise key theory and evidence relevant to your research and show the importance or benefit of your study question/objective. (400 words) Task 2 is less concerned with content (i.e., your knowledge of the particular topic) and more concerned with the process of a critical literature review (i.e., that you know how to synthesise different sources, relate your project to debates and disagreements, and identify knowledge gaps that provide a rationale for your research objective/question). For this task, you are required to do enough additional reading to identify four or five relevant non-trivial references for use in the literature review (try to include a mix of newspaper/magazine articles, web sites, and academic journals Explain your research philosophy, strategy and…

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