then answer the following questions 1 you deposit 10 000 how much will you have in 4 4376006

Then answer the following questions: 1. You deposit $10,000. How much will you have in 4 years at (a) 8% compounded annually, and (b) At 12% compounded annually? 2. A savings and loan association offers depositors a $10,000 lump-sum payment 4 years hence. (a) How much will you be willing to deposit if you desire an interest rate of 8% compounded annually? (b) How much at an interest rate of 12%? 3. Repeat requirement 2, assuming an interest rates of 6% and do the calculation twice, assuming(a) Annual and then (b) Semiannual compounding.View Solution:
Then answer the following questions 1 You deposit 10 000 How

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