the owner of patel antique clock company of churchill has asked you to prepare a wor 4376061

The owner of Patel Antique Clock Company of Churchill has asked you to prepare a worksheet from the following trial balance and additional data: PATEL ANTIQUE CLOCK COMPANY TRIAL BALANCE MAY 31, 2014 Additional Data a. and b. Ending clock inventory on May 31, 2014, $12,488.92 c. Supplies on hand at May 31 totalled $376.40 d. Insurance expired, $502.51 e. Amortization expense on equipment for the year ending May 31, 2014, is calculated using the straight-line method, 10-year life with a residual value of $600. f. Advertising bill received, $300, plus GST of $15 g. Employees had worked but not been paid for 43.5 hours at $12 per hour at year-end. View Solution:
The owner of Patel Antique Clock Company of Churchill has

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