the objective of this assessment is to discuss the strategic options the organisatio 4457510

The objective of this assessment is to discuss the strategic options the organisation should consider and to recommend the best option in terms of the strategic issues they face.  (There is an example of one way to do this assignment in the readings – Strategic Options for British Airways).   You need to discuss:  Introduction (200 words)  o Include a recent (last five years) challenge which the firm faced.     Strategic Issue (500 words) o Briefly summarise the strategic issue you identified in Assignment 1 (Part B).  Discuss this issue with relevant justification, analysis and examples.  Explain why you consider this the most important issue identified.    Strategy Options (800 words) o Explain the strategy options for this issue. Make sure you include both a description of the option and the method/s.    o Evaluate the strategy options using the RACES framework (Resource, Acceptable, Coherent, Effective, Sustainable)      Best Strategy Option (800 words) Discuss which strategy or combination of strategies would be the best option for the firm and which strategies should be rejected.  Ensure you justify your choices   

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