the june 30 2014 unadjusted trial balance for trenton consulting after its first yea 4375904

The June 30, 2014, unadjusted trial balance for Trenton Consulting after its first year of operations follows:
1. Enter the unadjusted trial balance onto a work sheet.
2. Using the following additional information, enter the adjustments onto the work sheet:
a. Annual depreciation on the equipment is $1,500.
b. The balance in the Prepaid Rent account is for six months of rent commencing March 1, 2014.
c. Unpaid and unrecorded wages at June 30 totaled $3,200.
d. Accrued revenues at June 30 totaled $4,1 ()().
3. Complete the work sheet.
4. Calculate the balance in the capital account as it would appear on the June 30, 2014, balance sheet.
Analysis Component:
What effect does a net loss have on the accounting equation?View Solution:
The June 30 2014 unadjusted trial balance for Trenton Consulting

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