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The IFRS Framework, paragraph 22, states: β€œIn order to meet their objectives, financial statements are prepared on the accrual basis of accounting. Under this basis, the effects of transactions and other events are recognized when they occur (and not as cash or its equivalent are received or paid) and they are recorded in the accounting records and reported in the financial statements of the periods to which they relate. Financial statements prepared on the accrual basis inform users not only of past transactions involving the payment and receipt of cash, but also of obligations to pay cash in the future and of resources that represent cash to be received in the future. Hence, they provide the type of information about past transactions and other events that is most useful to users in making economic decisions.” Required: Discuss why you would expect accrual accounting numbers to be better predictors of future cash flows in comparison to cash basis accounting. View Solution:
The IFRS Framework paragraph 22 states In order to meet

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