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The French group Club Mditerrane is an active service provider in the leisure and hospitality field with, in particular, its rich network of all-inclusive resort ‘villages’. The statements of income (prepared in accordance with IFRS) for the period 2009–2011 follow (Source: Annual reports 2010 and 2011). E million The 2008 annual report shows that the ‘Revenue – Villages’ amounted to E1,484 millions. Required 1. What is the format of the income statement? Justify your answer. 2. Prepare common-size statements on the basis of the income statement, as published by the company. 3. Restate the income statement and prepare common-size intermediate balances following the format of Figure 16.1. You could search for additional information in the annual reports of the company ( 4. Comment on these different statements from the point of view of a decision maker looking at the future. View Solution:
The French group Club M diterran e is an active service provider

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