the following t accounts show the relationship of increases inc and decreases dec to 4375679

The following T-accounts show the relationship of increases (inc.) and decreases (dec.) to debits and credits: 1. Issued share capital for cash 2. Paid cash for a truck 3. Paid for prepaid insurance 4. Borrowed cash from the bank to purchase machinery 5. Received a bill from a local garage for truck repairs done last week 6. Collected cash for services performed today 7. Billed customers for services performed last week 8. Repaid part of the bank loan 9. Made a deposit for utility services to be used in the future 10. Paid cash for truck operating expenses related to 5. above 11. Received a bill for repair supplies used during the month 12. Made a cash payment to a creditor 13. Received a cash payment to satisfy an amount owed by a customer. View Solution:
The following T accounts show the relationship of increases inc and

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