the following is an abbreviated balance sheet for grizzly grocers grizzly grocers lt 4375590

The following is an abbreviated balance sheet for Grizzly Grocers: Grizzly Grocers Ltd. Statement of Financial Position As at December 31, 2010 The company had net earnings of $20,000 on sales of $180,000. Required: a. Calculate Grizzly Grocers’ current ratio. b. Calculate the company’s debt to equity ratio. c. Calculate the company’s working capital. d. Calculate the company’s net profit margin. e. Assuming that you have just learned that a credit sale ot $10,000 that was included in the sales amount actually occurred three days after the end ot the fiscal year, revise the statement of financial position and sales amount to correct this error. Recalculate the ratios in parts “a” to “d.” View Solution:
The following is an abbreviated balance sheet for Grizzly Grocers Grizzly

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