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The following is a list of the items to be included in the preparation of the 2007 statement of cash flows for the Yellow Company:

1. Proceeds from sale of land, $2,100

2. Payments of interest, $5,000

3. Equipment acquired by capital lease, $7,200

4. Proceeds from issuance of preferred stock, $11,000

5. Other operating payments, $1,300

6. Interest and dividends collected, $4,700

7. Payments to employees, $20,300

8. Payment for purchase of investments, $12,100

9. Collections from customers, $54,500

10. Payments of income taxes, $2,900

11. Payment of dividends, $5,200

12. Other operating receipts, $1,600

13. Payments to suppliers, $29,500

14. Beginning cash balance, $29,700


Prepare the statement of cash flows using the direct method for operating cash flows.

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