the following information pertains to ferguson corp at december 31 2015 its year end 4375537

The following information pertains to Ferguson Corp. at December 31, 2015, its year-end: Cash per company records Cash per bank statement Bank service charges not yet recorded in company records Note collected by bank not yet recorded in company records, including $25 of interest Fluet inc. cheque deducted in error by bank December deposit recorded by the bank January 3, 2016 December cheques not yet paid by bank in December $5,005 7,000 30 1,325 200 700 #631 #642 #660 #661 $354 746 200 300 $1,600 Required: Prepare a bank reconciliation and all necessary adjusting journal entries at December 31, 2015. View Solution:
The following information pertains to Ferguson Corp at December 31

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