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The following comparative data are available from the 20X4 statement of financial position of Abraham Holdings Ltd:In 20X4, the following transactions took place and are properly reflected in the accounts, above. a. There were no purchases or sales of FVTPL investments during the year. b. Dividends of $ 60,000 were received from Falcon Ltd. No shares of Falcon were bought or sold during the year. c. FVTOCI investments, with a carrying value of $ 36,200 and cumulative holding gains of $ 11,000 to date, were sold for $ 57,100. Holding gains and losses in reserves are not reclas-sified on sale. d. FVTOCI investments were purchased during the year. e. FVTPL and FVTOCI investments were adjusted to fair value at year- end. Required: What items would appear on the 20X4 statement of cash flows? Assume the operating sec-tion uses the indirect method of presentation. Cash inflow from investment revenue is classified in operatingactivities.
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The following comparative data are available from the 20X4 statement

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