the following are independent situations a tony lee gave 50 000 to his wife shannon 4375380

The following are independent situations: (a) Tony Lee gave $50,000 to his wife, Shannon, for the acquisition of shares of a Canadian company on the Toronto Stock Exchange. During the year, an eligible dividend of $5,000 cash was paid on the shares owned by Mrs. Lee. (b) At the beginning of the year in which her daughter Carey turned 18 in December, Ellen gifted $25,000 directly to Carey. Carey invested the $25,000 in an income-bearing investment that paid her interest of $2,500 during the year. In addition to the $2,500, Carey also earned another $7,500 in interest income from monies received from her mother previously. REQUIRED What are the tax consequences for the above situations? View Solution:
The following are independent situations a Tony Lee gave 50 000 to

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