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The following are independent situations. (a) Dan, a construction contractor, entered into a verbal agreement with his friend, Mike, last year. Dan agreed to oversee a small renovation to Mike’s house in exchange for Mike’s painting services. (b) Yoko’s company won a $100,000 lawsuit against a competitor for patent infringement. (c) Isaac Corporation, a local observatory, hired Cornell for the summer. For each hour that Cornell worked, Isaac received $5 an hour from the government as part of a student employment grant. Cornell’s total compensation is $10 per hour. (d) Jessy works part-time as the residential manager in an apartment block. In exchange for the management and cleaning services she offers, she receives free rent in a two bedroom apartment. Jessy uses her own supplies and equipment. One bedroom is used as an office for carrying out her duties and meeting existing and potential tenants. REQUIRED Comment on the income tax consequences for each situation. View Solution:
The following are independent situations a Dan a construction contractor entered

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