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The financial statements for Quebecor Inc. and Thomson Reuters Corporation may be found on SEDAR ( or the companies’ websites. Instructions (a) ‘What business is Quebecor Inc. in? Is Thomson Reuters Corporation a good benchmark for comparing against? Explain. (b) Identify three other companies that might be used for comparisons. (c) Calculate industry averages for these five companies for the current and debt to total assets ratios. (d) Based on this very brief analysis, is Quebecor or Thomson Reuters in better shape in terms of liquidity and solvency? How do these companies compare with the other three companies? (e) Review the statements of cash flows for Quebecor and Thomson Reuters for the last two years. Describe the cash flow patterns for each company. (f) Comment on these cash flow patterns, noting changes over the past two to three years. View Solution:
The financial statements for Quebecor Inc and Thomson Reuters Corporation

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