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1 The directors of Alfreton plc have decided that it is necessary to arrange for an impairment review of a subsidiary company, Barrington plc, at 30 September 2012. The business of Barrington plc comprise a single cash generating unit within the activities undertaken by the Alfreton group of companies. The summarised draft statement of financial position of Barrington plc at the date of the impairment review, which took place on 30 September 2012. contained the following information:

Statement of financial position of Barrington plc at 30 September 2012 EngIlion

Goodwill 100 Franchising arrangement 172 Special-purpose freehold property 195 Other tangible non-current assets 354 Inventories 107 Financial assets held for trading 18 Other assets 122 Total assets 1.068 Shareholders’ equity Share capital 600 Reserve arising from revaluation of special-ourpose property in 2010 50 Retained profit 335 985 Liabilities 83 Total equity and liabilities 1.068

The following information is relevant to the impairment review: 1. The accounts department of Alfreton plc has estimated the net cash inflows from the future activities of Barrington plc to be as follows:

Year to 30 September £million 2013 256 2014 340 2015 275 2016 104

2. Barrington plc could be sold on 30 September 2012 for £620 miiiicr The, franchising arrangement as no reliably identifiable market value. However, it is expected to generate future cash flows at least equivalent to the carrying value in the above statement of finandai position. 4. The fair value less costs to sell of the special-purpose freehold property is estimated to be £130 million. 5. Neither the inventories nor any of the `other tangible non-current assets’ has a net selling price that is greater than its carrying value. 6. The financial assets held for trading are estimated to be worth :-:43 million 7. ‘Other assets’ are stated at their recoverable amounts.

8. Liabilities are stated at the amounts which are expected to be gait.

Required: (a) Compute the amount of the impairment of the Barrington pic cash generating unit arising from the impairment review. (b) Allocate the impairment loss between the relevant components of the assets of Barrington plc. (c) Prepare and present the journal entry required to incorporate the effect of the impairment review in the books of Barrington plc. Notes: The discount rate appropriate to the activities of 3arrinc.:tor p:: :s 12%. Assume that the forecast net cash inflows of Barrington arise at the end of each year to which they relate. Assume you are making the calculations on 30 September 2312. All calculations should be made to the nearest £0.1 miRicr.


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