the december 31 2014 equity section of zalicus inc s balance sheet appears below req 4375216

The December 31, 2014, equity section of Zalicus Inc.’s balance sheet appears below.Required All the shares were issued on January 1, 2012 (when the corporation began operations). No dividends had been declared during the first two years of operations (2012 and 2013). During 2014, the cash dividends declared and paid totalled $613,3001. Calculate the amount of cash dividends paid during 2014 to each of the three classes of shares. 2. Assuming net income earned during 2014 was $1,250,000; determine the December 31, 2013, balance in retained earnings.3. Prepare a statement of changes in equity for the year ended December 31,2014.
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The December 31 2014 equity section of Zalicus Inc s balance

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