the annual report of starbucks corporation for the year ended october 3 2010 include 4374941

The annual report of Starbucks Corporation for the year ended October 3, 2010, included information on seven investments in which Starbucks generally held a 50 percent ownership interest. Thus these investments were not consolidated, but were reported as unconsolidated equity method investments. Summary data for Starbucks and for its equity method investments is as follows: Equity method investments are carried as noncurrent assets on Starbucks’ balance sheet at $308,100 on October 3,2010 (all amounts in thousands). The notes to the financial statements also disclose the following (edited to reflect fiscal year 2010 data only): Required a. Using the data above, but assuming that Starbucks owns 51 percent of each of the seven companies, prepare a working paper to consolidate Starbucks’ income statement and balance sheet with those of the seven companies. Assume that any excess of carrying value of equity investees over net book value is attributable to goodwill, which is shared with the noncontrolling interest in proportion to ownership interests. There is no goodwill impairment in 2010. The statement of cash flows reports that Starbucks received $91,400 (thousand) in dividends from the seven companies. Assume Starbucks paid no dividends in 2010. b. What percentage increase in total assets and in revenues would be reported by Starbucks had these seven companies been 51 percent-owned and hence consolidated? View Solution:
The annual report of Starbucks Corporation for the year ended

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