the annual report of general mills maker of wheaties cheerios and betty crocker baki 4374939

The annual report of General Mills, maker of Wheaties, Cheerios, and Betty Crocker baking products, for the year ended May 29, 2011, contained the following ($ in millions):During fiscal 2011, depreciation expense was $472.6 million, and General Mills acquired land, buildings, and equipment worth $848.8 million. Assume that no gain or loss arose from the disposition of land, buildings, and equipment and that General Mills received cash of $158.0 million from such disposals. Compute (1) The original historical cost of assets sold or retired during fiscal 2011, (2) The amount of accumulated depreciation associated with the assets sold or retired, (3) The book value of the assets sold or retired.
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The annual report of General Mills maker of Wheaties Cheerios

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