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The accounting records of Grayson Architects include the following selected, unadjusted balances at March 31: Accounts Receivable, $ 1,400; Office Supplies, $ 1,100; Prepaid Rent, $ 2,400; Equipment, $ 10,000; Accumulated Depreciation—Equipment, $ 0; Salaries Payable, $ 0; Unearned Revenue, $ 600; Service Revenue, $ 4,200; Salaries Expense, $ 1,300; Supplies Expense, $ 0; Rent Expense, $ 0; Depreciation Expense—Equipment, $ 0. The data developed for the March 31 adjusting entries are as follows: a. Service revenue accrued, $ 900. b. Unearned revenue that has been earned, $ 200. c. Office Supplies on hand, $ 600. d. Salaries owed to employees, $ 400. e. One month of prepaid rent has expired, $ 800.f. Depreciation on equipment, $ 150. Requirements 1. Open a T-account for each account using the unadjusted balances given. 2. Journalize the adjusting entries using the letter and March 31 date in the date column. 3. Post the adjustments to the T-accounts, entering each adjustment by letter. Show each account’s adjusted balance.View Solution:
The accounting records of Grayson Architects include the following selected

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