the accounting records for r webber associates inc for the year ended april 30 2014 4374851

The accounting records for R. Webber Associates, Inc. for the year ended April 30, 2014, contain the following information: a. Purchase of plant assets for cash, $59,400 b. Proceeds from issuance of common shares, $8,000 c. Payment of dividends, $48,400 d. Collection of interest, $4,400 e. Payment of salaries, $93,600 f. Proceeds from sale of plant assets, $22,400 g. Collections from customers, $620,500 h. Cash receipt of dividend revenue, $4,100 i. Payments to suppliers, $368,500 j. Depreciation expense, $59,900 k. Proceeds from issuance of long-term notes, $19,600 l. Payments of long-term notes payable, $50,000 m. Interest expense and payments, $13,300 n. Income tax expense and payments, $37,900 o. Cash balances: April 30, 2013, $39,300; April 30, 2014, $47,200 Requirement Prepare R. Webber Associates’ cash flow statement for the year ended April 30, 2014. Use the direct method for cash flows from operating activities.  View Solution:
The accounting records for R Webber Associates Inc for the

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