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Task No. and Title ASSESSMENT FORM Discuss different Ethical Issues Complete a reflective log on the discussions Group Discussion Reflective Log Guidance Notes: This assignment will be completed as a group discussion. You will be asked questions and be required to discuss the answers. You will need to discuss what is meant by ethics – referring to three different examples – in the student forum You will need to prepare a short statement on an ethical dilemma of your choice; – The key issues surrounding your ethical dilemma – The legislation and policies relevant to your ethical dilemma The group will then discuss the dilemma. You must then write a reflective account including: – What your ethical dilemma was and the statement you gave – Different views on your ethical dilemma from the discussion – Different views on ethical dilemmas from the forum – Give your final view on the dilemma based on the different views you have encountered Assessment Criteria 1.1 Discuss what is meant by ethics, with reference to three examples 1.2 Identify an ethical dilemma and analyse the key issues surrounding it 2.1 Discuss the legislation and policies relevant to the chosen dilemma 3.1 Compare different views on the chosen ethical dilemma Evaluate the different views and draw his/her own conclusion(s)

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