tally ho horse farm inc began 20×6 with cash of 44 000 during the year tally ho earn 4374723

Tally-Ho Horse Farm, Inc., began 20X6 with cash of $44,000. During the year, Tally-Ho earned service revenue of $500,000 and collected $510,000 from customers. Expenses for the year totaled $420,000, with $400,000 paid in cash to suppliers and employees. Tally-Ho also paid $100,000 to purchase equipment and a cash dividend of $50,000 to stockholders. During 20X6 Tally-Ho borrowed $20,000 by issuing a note payable. Prepare the company’s statement of cash flows for the year. Format operating activities by the direct method. View Solution:
Tally Ho Horse Farm Inc began 20X6 with cash of 44 000

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