ssessment page 1 of 2 when recording cash sales how much would cash be debited 239139


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When recording cash sales, how much would cash be debited for if sales receipts totaled $5475 and cash short/ would your credit to sales be?

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Find total payments made from an $80 petty cash fund if there’s a $4 shortage and $6 actually left in the accoui

HTML Editor 3. Based on the following information, find the Bank balance $465000 NSF check 8425 Bank error overstating cash 895 Deposit in transit 4280 Book balance 444704 Note collected by bank 8750 Check printing fees 500 Outstanding checks 27618


Depositor error overstating cash 162 Bank error understating cash

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bank error understating cash.

Record the collection of a 90 day, 12%, $100000 note dated November 18th.



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