simple plan enterprises uses a periodic inventory system its records showed the foll 4374201

Simple Plan Enterprises uses a periodic inventory system. Its records showed the following: Inventory, December 31, using FIFO → 38 Units @ $ 14 = $ 532 Inventory, December 31, using LIFO → 38 Units @ $ 10 = $ 380 Required: 1. Compute the number and cost of goods available for sale, the cost of ending inventory, and the cost of goods sold under FIFO and LIFO. 2. Compute the inventory turnover ratio under the FIFO and LIFO inventory costing methods (show computations). 3. Based on your answer to requirement 2, explain whether analysts should consider the inventory costing method when comparing companies’ inventory turnover ratios. View Solution:
Simple Plan Enterprises uses a periodic inventory system Its records

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