selected account information follows for richmond inc as at december 31 2014 all the 4374021

Selected account information follows for Richmond Inc. as at December 31, 2014. All the accounts have debit balances. Cable Television Franchises Music Copyrights Research Costs Goodwill Cash Discount on Notes Payable Accounts Receivable Property, Plant, and Equipment Leasehold Improvements Annual Franchise Fee Paid In-Process Research and Development Acquired in a Business Combination Film Contract Rights Customer Lists Acquired in a Business Combination Prepaid Expenses Covenants Not to Compete Brand Names Notes Receivable Investments in Affiliated Companies Organization Cost Land Excess of Purchase Price over Fair Value of Identifiable Net Assets. X Corp. Instructions Identify which items should be classified as intangible assets. For the items that are not classified as intangible assets, indicate where they would be reported in the financial statements. View Solution:
Selected account information follows for Richmond Inc as at December

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