sandro spina is the president of tempro inc a company that provides temporary employ 4373924

Sandro Spina is the president of TemPro Inc., a company that provides temporary employees for not-for- profit companies. TemPro has been operating for five years; its revenues are increasing with each passing year. You have been hired to help Sandro in analyzing the following transactions for the first two weeks of April: April + Purchased office supplies for $ 2,600 on account. 3 Received the April telephone bill for $ 1,950 to be paid in May. = Billed the local United Way $ 23,500 for temporary services provided. 8 Paid $ 3,005 for supplies purchased and recorded on account last period. 8 Placed an advertisement in the local paper for $ 1,400 cash. 9 Purchased a new computer for the office costing $ 2,300 cash. 10 Paid employee wages of $ 11,900. Of this amount, $ 3,800 had been earned and recorded in the wages payable account in the prior period. 11 Received $ 12,500 on account from the local United Way office for services provided on April 5. 12 Purchased land as the site of a future office for $ 50,000. Paid $ 10,000 down and signed a note payable for the balance. The note is due in five years and has an annual interest rate of 10 percent. 13 Issued 3,000 additional shares for cash at $ 45 per share in anticipation of building a new office. 14 Billed Family & Children’s Service $ 14,500 for services rendered. Required 1. Prepare a journal entry to record each of the transactions. Be sure to categorize each account as an asset (A), a liability (L), shareholders’ equity (SE), a revenue (R), or an expense (E). 2. Complete the tabulation below for each of the transactions, indicating the effect (+ for increase and – for decrease) of each transaction. The first transaction is provided as an example. (Remember that A = L + SE, R – E = NE, and NE affects SE through retained earnings.) Write “N” if there is no effect.
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Sandro Spina is the president of TemPro Inc a company

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