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Review Starbucks’s financial statements and notes in Appendix A. Required: 1. Does the company use a multiple-step or a single-step format on its income statement? Explain. 2. What was the net earnings attributable to Starbucks for 2013? What was the basic earnings per common share for 2013? 3. What was operating income for 2013? For 2012? 4. How much interest expense was incurred in 2013? In 2012? 5. What was the amount of the income taxes related to income before income taxes for 2013? 6. What was the amount of general and administrative expenses in 2013? 7. What amount of depreciation and amortization expense is reported separately on the income statement for 2013? How much depreciation and amortization expense is added back to net income on the 2013 statement of cash flows? What item on the income statement includes the majority of the difference? 8. What amount of dividends on common stock was paid and declared in 2013? If these amounts differ, where is the difference on the balance sheet? 9. Are Starbucks’s revenues seasonal? If so, which two quarters generate the most revenues? In terms of revenues, what was Starbucks’s biggest quarter in 2012 and 2013? 10. Was the direct or indirect method used to determine the net cash provided by operating activities in 2013? What was the amount? 11. What was the net cash used in investing activities in 2013? 12. What cash was used to pay long-term debt in 2013? View Solution:
Review Starbucks s financial statements and notes in Appendix A Required 1 Does

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