repeat the requirements in e11 17 assuming that ace acquired the asset on july 14 of 4373618

Repeat the requirements in E11- 17 assuming that Ace acquired the asset on July 14 of the current year. Use partial- year depreciation assuming the manufacturing equipment was acquired at the beginning of the month to simplify the computation. In E11- 17 Ace Manufacturing, Inc. purchased a new piece of manufacturing equipment at a total acquisition cost of $ 3,000,000 on January 4 of the current year. The firm estimates that the equipment has a useful life of 10 years or 13,250,000 units of output and a residual value of $ 350,000 at the end of its useful life. The following schedule indicates the actual number of units output with the machine per year:
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Repeat the requirements in E11 17 assuming that Ace acquired

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