repairs and other expenditures rundle incorporated has various transactions in 20×6 4373596

Repairs and Other Expenditures: Rundle Incorporated has various transactions in 20X6: a. Plant maintenance was done at a cost of $ 35,200. b. he entire manufacturing facility was repainted at a cost of $ 44,000. c. he roof on the manufacturing facility was replaced at a cost of $ 66,200. At the same time, various upgrades were done to the electrical systems at a cost of $ 43,800. These upgrades to the electrical system were required to be in compliance with the current safety codes. Neither of these transactions increased the life of the manufacturing facility, although the safety of the facility was enhanced. The carrying amount of the original roof was $ 2,000 and the carrying amount of the replaced wiring is zero. d. he company bought a piece of machinery at an auction at a price of $ 80,500. The machinery had an appraised value of $ 95,000, so Rundle was pleased to get this bargain. The company knew that the machine had to be painted and tuned up. Sales tax of 14% was paid on the purchase price. e. he machine was delivered to Rundles’ manufacturing facility. The freight bill was $ 1,600. f. he machine was painted and tuned up, at a cost of $ 5,200. In the process of the tune- up, it was discovered that the machine needed additional unexpected repairs, which were done at a cost of $ 12,000.Required: Provide journal entries to record the transactions listed above. Justify your decisions. All items were acquired for cash.View Solution:
Repairs and Other Expenditures Rundle Incorporated has various transactions in

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