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Refer to P2– 5. Assume that the following transactions occurred in the last quarter of 2012: a. Issued additional shares for € 60 in cash. b. Borrowed € 615 from banks due in two years. c. Declared and paid € 1,160 in dividends to shareholders. d. Purchased additional intangibles for € 64 cash. e. Purchased property, plant, and equipment; paid € 1,514 in cash and € 5,410 with additional long-term bank loans. f. Acquired additional investments; paid € 623 in cash. g. Lent € 125 to an associated company that signed a six- month note. h. Sold investments costing € 461 for the same amount in cash. Required: Based on the transactions that occurred in 2012 prepare the investing and financing sections of the statement of cash flows of Bayer for the fourth quarter of 2012. View Solution:
Refer to P2 5 Assume that the following transactions occurred

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