read michigan tax incentives corporate welfare and a primer on certificated credits 4453509

Read Michigan Tax Incentives—Corporate Welfare? and A Primer on Certificated Credits Under the Michigan Business Tax.  consider the following questions: ·         Is it the role of government to provide incentives to business? Why or why not? ·         Do you agree with Michigan’s decision to extend tax credits in the manner it has? Why or why not? ·         Is it ethical for a business to accept government incentives in all cases? Alternatively, is it the fiduciary responsibility of businesses to seek government aid in every instance? Explain and defend your responses. ·         How might a business that accepts incentives effectively respond to criticism that it is accepting corporate welfare?  Instruction: Please respond to the questions identified above. Follow the rubric requirements (attached). Sources must be cited with APA format. Plagiarism is unacceptable. Must be less than 20% copied from source.

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