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Questions 1.    Describe the benefits to an organisation of including sustainability in policy, procedures and projects. 2.    Describe the types of projects that sustainability may have a positive impact on. 3.    List the potential stakeholders for sustainability considerations in ICT planning and design 4.    Describe the communication skills required to negotiate effectively with stakeholders regarding sustainability issues. 5.    List at least six potential sources of information in relation to sustainability issues in ICT. 6.    Describe the Australian Standard relevant to conducting an energy audit in Australia. 7.    Describe the types of equipment that you might conduct an energy audit on. 8.    Describe at least three standards which may be used as a basis for energy audits. 9.    List and describe at least six short term sustainable technology solutions to reduce power consumption. 10.    List and describe at least four sustainable management principles which can reduce the environmental impact of ICT 11.    Describe common key performance indicators used to set sustainability targets in ICT. 12.    Describe the way in which energy usage might be defined/measured when designing/planning and monitoring projects. How might this information be used to estimate energy savings and payback periods 13.    Describe the elements of an energy usage/sustainability project report. 14.    Describe the benchmarks that you might use for CO2 emission comparison.

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