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Question 1. Person-Centred care – The GP asks you, “How will you show person-centred care to Loretta?” Discuss person-centred care and outline how you would work with Loretta and her family to ensure the health outcomes important to them (400 words, 20marks). Question 2. Age related physiological changes – The GP asks you, “What age related changes are making Loretta vulnerable to CHF and hypertension?”  Explain the age related physiological changes that have contributed to Loretta’s symptoms (400 words, 20marks). Question 3. Relevant assessments – The GP asks you, “What nursing assessments are relevant to Loretta and her family? Provide me with a rationale for each of the suggested assessments.” Describe the relevant assessments a Registered Nurse would you conduct on this older person and explain why each assessment is significant (400 words, 20marks).

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