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Question 1 (a) Discuss the competitive forces in the coffee retail industry in Korea OR Singapore. (276 words) (b) Identify the distinctive capabilities of Caffe Bene outside of Korea and discuss if the company is market-driven. (414 words) Question 2 (a) Explain Caffe Bene’s marketing strategy in the retail coffee market in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand OR Indonesia. (Note: select one country only for your discussions) (322 words)   (b) Examine Caffe Bene’s CRM strategy and its contribution to its success in the selected country. (368 words)   Question 3   (a) Discuss positioning strategy of Caffe Bene in your selected country and compare this in relation to its two competitors. (276 words)   (b) Voted the best coffee brand in Korea, Caffe Bene has opened outlets in South East Asian countries as part of its international expansion. Examine the channel strategies of Caffe Bene in the country you have selected (414 words)   Question 4 (a) Develop an appropriate marketing communication strategy for Caffe Bene in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand OR Indonesia to target the youth market. Include relevant components of marketing promotion in your answer. (276 words) (b) Illustrate a two-dimension perceptual map of the Caffe Bene brand versus its competitors in your selected country. The x-axis is “Perceived Price” and y-axis is one attribute of your choice. Explain the positions you have selected. (414 marks)

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