qantas airways limited is australia s largest domestic and international airline and 4373097

Qantas Airways Limited is Australia’s largest domestic and international airline, and provides both passenger and cargo services. On its balance sheet as at June 30, 2009, Qantas reported cash and cash equivalents of 3,617 million Australian dollars (AUD). The notes accompanying its financial statements revealed that this amount included investments of AUD 3,002 million. The notes also stated that the investments are readily convertible into a known amount of cash and that their value is unlikely to change significantly. Required: a. Explain what Qantas means when it says that the investments are readily marketable. What can you infer from this about the company’s cash management practices? b. Explain why a company would choose to put cash into short-term investments rather than a savings account at a financial institution. View Solution:
Qantas Airways Limited is Australia s largest domestic and international airline

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