purpose this academic essay requires the student to identify biopsychosocial factors 4446992

Purpose: This academic essay requires the student to identify biopsychosocial factors by evaluating concepts, contributors and deterrents of health and wellness. Critical reflection of views will need to be explored and supported with relevant literature. Process: You are to complete a 1500 word essay that critically reflects on the following statement:  Health and wellness is more than the absence of disease. Therefore being in a state of health and wellness requires more than medical treatment. Your critical reflection is to include: •    Discussion of the concepts of health, wellness, illness and disease •    Identification of biopsychosocial factors that impact on health and wellness •    An example of biopsychosocial factors contributing to illness   •    An example of psychosocial factors being the main contributors to illness •    Critical analysis of general responses to health and wellness issues   •    An example of a behavioural response and an example of a cognitive response to health and wellness issues •    Reference to relevant literature, linking your ideas to theory discussed in the unit   •    Clearly and logically presented ideas  

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