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Provide a brief and fully referenced industry overview and product description, including: – Overview of the relevant industry including relevant statistics from industry sources such as IBIS World, Passport, Business Monitor, ABS, peer-reviewed articles, etc.; – Major players (direct and/or indirect competitors) in the industry; – Growth and other significant trends in the industry; – Overview of the company and description of the main products that Bindle offers, including potential analysis using analysis tools such as the BCG Matrix or any other, as relevant 2 (750 words) 30 The Company’s Micro and Macro Environment: Provide a fully referenced overview of the RELEVANT factors from the macro and micro environment that are impacting Bindle: – Possible macro factors for discussion (demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, cultural) – Possible micro factors for discussion (company, customers, suppliers, intermediaries, competitors, publics) – Only focus on the relevant segmentation bases and provide a justified rationale for why you think they are the most relevant – Use a segmentation table to present this information (See Assessment 1 Video Guide for an example of a segmentation table) – 4-5 segments are sufficient – Provide a summary at the bottom of your segmentation table 4 (250 words) 10 Market Targeting and Consumer Profile From the various segments profiled in Part 3, CHOOSE ONE target market for Bindle to target and describe their customer profile.

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