pgj is a large producer of food products in 2012 the percentage breakdown of revenue 4372775

PGJ is a large producer of food products. In 2012, the percentage breakdown of revenues and profits was as follows: International operations account for about 22 percent of sales and 17 percent of operating profit. For the 2008—2012 fiscal years, the number of shares outstanding (in millions) and selected income statement a. For each year calculate operating income as a percentage of revenues. b. Net profits after tax as a percentage of revenues. c. After-tax profits per share outstanding (EPS). The balance sheet data for the same fiscal years (in millions of dollars) were as follows: d. Calculate the ratio of current assets to current liabilities for each year. e. Calculate the long-term debt as a percentage of common equity. View Solution:
PGJ is a large producer of food products In 2012

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