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Orlando Incorporated pro-vided the following comparative balance sheets and the results of operations for the current year. Question Continue In Next Page Additional Information: 1. O rlando sold investments with a cost of $ 74,250 at a loss of $ 14,250. It included this loss in investment income on the income statement. 2. O rlando acquired additional shares as investments to be carried at fair value. It accounted for all investments, other than investments carried under the equity method, as available-for-sale securities. It recorded a $ 6,000 unrealized loss for the current year. 3. O rlando reported accounts receivable net of the allowance for bad debts. 4. The company did not acquire additional plant and equipment during the year, but sold a piece of equipment with a cost of $ 198,600. 5. O rlando did not increase its percentage ownership of its equity investee (affiliate company). 6. O rlando sold one of its franchises at book value. 7. The company signed a $ 675 promissory note. 8. O rlando reported the loss from discontinued operations net of tax and as a cash transaction. Required Prepare the current-year cash flow statement for Orlando Incorporated under the indirect method. Present required disclosures. View Solution:
Orlando Incorporated pro vided the following comparative balance sheets and the

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