oricaissues a sustainability report using the gri reporting framework a access the r 4372515

Oricaissues a sustainability report using the GRI reporting framework. a. Access the report on-line at http://www.orica.com.au/sustainability/index.asp Comment on its appearance, structure and informativeness from a user’s perspective. b. The GRI reporting framework includes application levels (A, B or C), declaring the extent that they have applied the GRI framework. What level did Orica indicate they had applied the framework? Would you agree? c. Sustainability reports can be independently assured. What does this mean? Did Orica have their report independently assured? If so, in your opinion how credible were the assurers and how does this affect your reliance on the sustainability report? d. Above is a typical newspaper article surrounding the chemical hazard at Kooragang Island in August, 2011. Is Kooragang Island mentioned in the sustainability report? If so, are the risks of such an incident occurring/reoccurring mentioned. What other activities environmental or social are mentioned in the Kooragang Island section of the sustainability report? Given the incident mentioned in the newspaper article, have you reassessed your reliability on the report? Do you feel that the regulation and government response to this particular incident was excessive or not enough in relation to protecting the interests of the community and the environment. View Solution:
Oricaissues a sustainability report using the GRI reporting framework a

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