on september 1 2015 colton davies established an organizing business get rid of it d 4372456

On September 1, 2015, Colton Davies established an organizing business, Get Rid of It. During the month, Colton completed the following transactions: Sep. 1. Colton deposited money into the business bank account, from his pocket, $300. 3. Colton borrowed $15,000 from his mother. She said that the company can owe her for the whole amount. 6. Colton purchased a one-year insurance policy, $1,200. 10. Recorded jobs completed but not yet paid and sent invoices to customers, $8,600. 12. Purchased a digital pocket camera on his own credit card as a gift for a relative in China, $750. 12. Received cash for a job to be started next month, $1,000. 20. Paid miscellaneous expenses, $315. 24. Received cash from customers on account, $3,600. 30. Paid wages of employees, $2,400. Instructions 1. Journalize each transaction in a two-column journal, referring to the following chart of accounts in selecting the accounts to be debited and credited. (Do not insert the account numbers in the journal at this time.) Explanations may be omitted. 2. Post the journal to a ledger of three-column accounts, inserting appropriate posting references as each item is posted. Extend the balances after each transaction is posted, and note whether the balance is a debit or credit. 3. Prepare an unadjusted trial balance as at September 30, 2015. View Solution:
On September 1 2015 Colton Davies established an organizing business

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