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International Accounting Standard Individual Assignement 1 Diego Salzman November 2012 Abstract This assignment is intended to assess your ability to critically scrutinise an investment op- portunity by careful examination of the company accounts and decide whether if pro ts are genuine and how strong companys nance really are. The following data is based on a true story. Some of the names have been changed. Some of the details have been changed and some situations simpli ed for academic purposes. Keywords: Judgement under uncertainty, Decision Making, International Accounting, Fair Value 1 Hult International Business School. diego.salzman@faculty.hult.edu1 Assignment Questions 1. Evaluate MIB Water For All business plan. What are its strengths and weaknesses? (20 marks) 2. What conclusions can you draw from your analysis of the nancial statements? (30 marks) 3. Do you agree with all of the accounting assumptions made by MIB Water For All? If not, what would you change?(30 marks) 4. Based on your analysis, would you invest in MIB Water For All?Why? (20 marks) 2 Introduction Early in August 2010, Juan Perez and his MIB classmate John Stevens were on the ground in South America. They were there to assess the progress of the rst slow sand water lter of their company MIB Water For All (MIBW4A). Four months earlier, Perez and Stevens, along with Marina Kaputt partnered with Justin Knows and Jason Extract, two MD candidates at Kings College University of London, to win the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) Business Plan Contest. Their idea was to bring clean water to several South American regions using a network of existing water vendors, readily available water puri cation technology, and mobile-banking technology. If they were successful in Peru, the team planned to expand operations into several other urban centres where water quality was poor. MIBW4A seed money, the prize winnings from the IADB competition, would be gone at the end of the month, and the…

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