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MN501 Network Management in Organisations Page 2 of 4 Prepared by: A/ Prof Nalin Sharda Moderated b y : Ms Beverly Jones March , 2017 Assignment Description Debra  Shinder writes, “ IT  security  personnel  often  have  access  to  confidential  data  and  knowledge  about individuals’ and companies’ networks an d systems that give them a great deal of power. That power can be abused, either deliberately or inadvertently. ” [ 1] Investigate ,   reflect   upon and   answer the   following questions using   Ethical   Guidelines   published   by organisations such as : EA, ACS, ACM and IEEE . 1) Should  you  read  the  private  e – mail s of  your  network  users  just  because  you  can?  Is  it  OK  to  read employees’  e – mail  as  a  security  measure  to  ensure  that  sensitive  company  information  isn’t  being disclosed?  Is  it  OK  to  read  employees’  e – mail  to  ensure  that  company  rules  (for  instance,  against personal use of the e – mail system) aren’t being violated? If you do read employees’ e – mail, should you disclose that policy to them? Before or after the fact?

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