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Jimenez Company sells outdoor sports equipment. At the December 31, 2009, year end, the following financial information was available from the income statement: administrative expenses, $80,800; cost of goods sold, $350,420; interest expenses, $22,640; interest income, $2,800l net sales, $714,390; and selling expenses, $220,200. The following information was available from the balance sheet (after closing entries were made): accounts payable, $32,600; accounts receivable, $104,800; accumulated depreciation-delivery equipment, $17,100; accumulated depreciation-store fixtures, $42,220, cash, $28,400; delivery equipment, $88,500, inventory, $136,540; investment in securities (long-term), $56,000; investment in U.S. government securities (short-term), $39,600; long-term notes payable, $100,000; C. Jimenez, Capital, $359,300 (ending balance); notes payable (short-term), $56,000; prepaid expenses (short-term), $5,760; and store fixtures, $141,620. Total assets and total owner’s equity at December 31, 2008, were $524,400 and $376,170, respectively, and owner’s withdrawals for the year were $60,000. The owner did not make any additional investment in the company during the year.


1. From the information above, prepare

(a) An income statement in single-step form,

(b) A statement of owner’s equity, and

(c) A classified balance sheet.

2. From the statements you have prepared, compute the following measures:

(a) Working capital and current ratio (for liquidity), and

(b) Profit margin, asset turnover return on assets, debt to equity ratio, and return on equity (for profitability)

3. Using the industry averages for the auto and home supply business in Figure through in this chapter, determine whether Jimenez Company needs to improve its liquidity or its profitability. Explain your answer, making recommendations as to specific areas on which Jimenez Company should concentrate.

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