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It is about Brayers ice cream planing to enter into new country where is Thailand, so the company need to create slogan (intended message) and choose creative strategy to advertise Brayers ice cream. The target audience is everyone in the middle class who prefer healthier dessert and spend money not only buy product but also buy modern lifestyle. The assignment required; 1. Supposing that you are going to do promotional campaign to launch Brayers ice cream in Thailand. Hence you need to write intended message by creating slogan. Then, give reasons why you create this slogan. (250 words) 2. After you got the slogan, you have to create creative strategy which is advertising/marketing appeals. Thus, choose one appeal that you think it is the most effective appeal for the product (it could be emotional appeal like happy to eat it…etc). Then, give reasons why you choose this appeal. (250 words) I found an interesting link for emotional appeal here:

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